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Ultra Umbrella Swift | Light Duty Swift | Goko Swift | Ball Winders


ultra umbrella swift

The Ultra Umbrella Swift is ingeniously designed with features you will love. The optional revolution counter makes it easier to determine skein yardage.



  • Ball bearings for exceptionally smooth turning

  • Pushes down to open and will not flare out after skein is emptied

  • Stable slat pivots with solid steel pins

  • Ingenious clamp mounts on most tables, even those with thick edges

  • Built-in winding handle

  • Holds skeins up to 93" in circumference

  • Comes with or without a revolution counter

  • The counter counts forwards and backwards

  • Can be used in either vertical or horizontal position

  • Tube and button slat assemblies


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upright swift

swift to left

light duty swift

This swift is happiest with light-weight skeins up to 60" in circumference. Our light duty swift is made of plastic and metal. It can be mounted upright as shown or sideways.

light duty swift

Goko metal swift

This traditional Japanese winding tool is the smoothest turning swift we've tried. Excellent for fine fibers. Holds skeins 57" to 64" in circumference.



goko metal swift

hand ball winder

We are no longer carry this item. Our supplier for the hand ball winder has gone out of business. We have extremely limited stock on hand, and are looking for a new supplier.

hand ball winder

electric ball winder

We no longer carry an electric ball winder. You can find information on the one we used to sell at this website:




Light Duty Swift

2" x 2" 16"

1 lb


35.5" x 7" x 7" folded

27" x 36" x 36" fully open

5 lb

Goko Metal Swift

9.5" x 24" x 28"

6 lb

Hand Ball Winder

4" x 6" x 8"

1 lb

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