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We've built a lifetime of service into our hand carders. They have a small lip milled into the rear edge of the paddle to protect the card clothing from becoming worn and the handles have been precisely tenoned into the paddles for superior strength. 

Our wool carders are available in two gauges of carding cloth: 72 points per square inch (an all-purpose carding cloth), and 112 points per square inch (great for fine wool and downy fibers). All carders are available with curved or straight backs.


The mini carders are a pint-sized version of our curved wool cards. At about half the weight, they are an easy size to take to a class or on a road trip, or just out and about with your drop spindle. Available only with 72psi carding cloth.


Our cotton carders are wider than our wool carders and are also available with curved or straight-backed paddles. With 208 points per square inch, our cotton cards are excellent for cotton and other short fibers.


Our flick carder is a small, single carder with 72 points per inch. It is used to separate and tease fibers in preparation for spinning by working the fiber against either a stiff piece of leather or heavy canvas.


curved hand carders

curved hand carders

mini curved hand carders

mini curved hand carders

Cotton hand carders

straight hand carders

flick carders

flick carders


product name

Carding Area Size


Curved wool carders

7-3/4" x 5"

1 lb/pr

Straight wool carders

10-1/2" x 5"

1 1/4 lb/pr

Curved cotton carders

10-1/2" x 4"

1 1/2 lb/pr

Straight cotton carders

7-3/4" x 4"

1 1/2 lb/pr

Flick carder

3-7/8" x  3-15/16"

5 oz

Mini curved carders

3" x 3"

9 0z/pr

Handle length, all carders


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