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Pin Loom Weaving by Margaret Stump

See Margaret Stump's new book
for creative project ideas.

Zoom Loom Resources and Projects

- Weaving on the Schacht Zoom Loom video

- The Schacht Zoom Loom manual

- Zoom Loom product information page

- Zoom Loom projects featured in Yearning to Spin and Weave

- Additional pin loom weaving resources: eloomanation.com and malarkycrafts.com.

Zoom Loom Projects

Twill ZigZag Bag Squared

Candy Twist

Chillin' Snowman

Christmas Elf

Dazzling Diamond

Evergreen Dream

Holiday Holly

Precious Present

Santa Sock

Snow Bird

Star Tree Topper

Sweet Thing

Tiny Gift Bag

Spanish Moss Shawl

Bolster Squared

Tablet Pouch

Baby Blue Blanket Squaredbaby blue blanket squared

Savi's Blankie

Laramie Squared Tote

Laramie Squared Tote

Citrus Squared Shawl

Citrus Squared Shawl

Checkerboard and Bag

Checkerboard and Bag

Patterned Squares Cowl

Patterned Squares Cowl

Zoom Loom Dolly

Zoom Loom Dolly

Ruffled Squared Scarf

Ruffled Squared Scarf

Infinity Scarf

infinity scarf grateful grapes colorway

ZigZag Scarf

zigzag scarf

Arrow Slippers

arrow slippers

Zoom Loom Swatch Book

zoom loom swatch book

The Zoom Loom swatches previously posted on our Violet Rose blog, collected in one place.

Hearthside Blanket

hearthside blanket

Pincushions Squared

Pixie Hat
pixie hat

Zippy Bow Tie
zippy bow tie

Squared Uptown Bag

uptown bag

Three Zoom Loom Projects

Spring 2013 Newsletter

zoom loom scarf

Twill on the Zoom Loom