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Weaving with Kids: Before & During the Pandemic

August 26, 2020

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Sikorski, the Director of Youth Programs at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, New York. We first talked before the pandemic and then revisited Read More »

2020 Tools for Schools Grant Recipients

June 11, 2020

This year we received 39 applications for our Tools for Schools Grant, from which we selected 2 winners. It was an incredible group of applicants. We were so pleased to Read More »

Explore Tapestry Weave Along

June 10, 2020

Weave Along with Jane Patrick Sign up here. We’ll begin on April 13th! Jane is at home getting to know our new Arras Tapestry Loom—and rediscovering tapestry weaving. She just Read More »

Explore Tapestry Weave Along Week 1

June 9, 2020

Follow along with Jane Patrick. Sign up here! The last time I wove tapestry was back in the 70s when I first started weaving. Everyone was weaving wall hangings—much like Read More »

Explore Tapestry Weave Along Bonus Post

June 9, 2020

Warping little looms for Tapestry With Jane Patrick Warping the Lilli Loom If you will be using a frame loom, try to warp up the loom with as much tension Read More »

Explore Tapestry Weave Along Week 2

June 9, 2020

With Jane Patrick Now that you have your loom warped and ready to weave, let’s get started! I would say that what weavers new to weft-faced weaving (and tapestry) have Read More »

Explore Tapestry Weave Along Week 3

June 9, 2020

Explore Tapestry Weave Along Week 3: Slit and Interlock Tapestry Techniques and Weaving a Shape With Jane Patrick Join the weave along here. Don’t forget to share your progress and Read More »

Explore Tapestry Weave Along Week 4

June 9, 2020

Eccentric Weaving, Hatching, and Soumak With Jane Patrick I couldn’t wait to start this week’s lesson, as I had so much fun weaving joins and shapes last week. I’m eager Read More »

Explore Tapestry Weave Along Week 5

June 9, 2020

Ghiordes Knots or Rya, Damascus Edge, and Finishing With Jane Patrick We’re ending our weave along with my favorite technique, rya or ghiordes knots. I love the freedom of creating Read More »

Spring Quarantine Spin Along Week 1

June 8, 2020

Join our Spring Quarantine Spin Along here. We want to see what you’re doing to get through and make some virtual community along the way. Use fiber you have or purchase Read More »

Spring Quarantine Spin Along Week 2

June 8, 2020

In this post, Deb uses an MSB braid of Colorful Colorado Spring. You can read her first post here. It goes by several names: chain plying, Navajo plying, and all Read More »

Spring Quarantine Spin Along Week 3

June 8, 2020

Welcome back, Spin-along friends. If you haven’t already signed up, do it here. You can read blog post #1 here and post #2 here. As Deb has been spinning up a storm with our Colorful Read More »

Spring Quarantine Spin Along Week 4

June 8, 2020

Welcome back, Spin-along friends. If you haven’t already signed up, do it here. You’ll find blog post #1 here, post #2 here, and post #3 here. We know that chain plying works a Read More »

Spring Quarantine Spin Along Week 5

June 8, 2020

Designing Knits with Handspun Yarn Spin Along Friends, although we planned to end our spin along on April 30th, we will be extending for a finale post next week. Along Read More »

Spring Quarantine Spin Along Projects

June 8, 2020

Complete project instructions and special tips for Deb’s Dessert Wax Bowl and Water Lily Cushions, designed during the Spring Quarantine Spin-along of 2020. Dessert Wax Bowl Finished size: approximately 3″ high Read More »

Hawlemont Elementary Weaving Program

April 11, 2020

In 2019, we offered our first annual Schacht Tools for Schools Grant. Two applicants were awarded equipment grants. I had the pleasure of talking with Jean from Hawlemont Elementary School, Read More »

Permission to Create

March 11, 2020

“I believe we all enjoy watching ourselves and others transform, because everyone wants that. When you’re not growing, you’re stagnant. That’s not living.”—The Year of Knots, p. 133 Schacht’s staff Read More »

Developing the Arras Tapestry Loom: An Interview with Rebecca Mezoff

March 11, 2020

SSC: Rebecca, thanks so much for joining us to discuss the process of developing the Arras Tapestry Loom. One of the most important aspects of working out the design of Read More »

For the Love of the Loom

September 11, 2019

by Liz Gipson   I am a loom lover. I love all looms—frame, inkle, backstrap, tapestry, pin, table, and floor looms in all their various forms (dobby, jack, countermarche, counterbalance, Read More »

Weaving a Summer Job at Schacht

August 25, 2019

  by Sienna Bosch In the summer of 2019, I was lucky enough to get an internship at Schacht Spindle Company, which allowed me to warp and weave on a Read More »

Weaver Profile: Stephanie Flynn Sokolov

August 13, 2019

As part of our Barry’s Jubilee weave along, we thought it would be great to get to know Stephanie Flynn Sokolov a little better, and to get into her process. Read More »

Barry’s Jubilee Weave Along #2

August 12, 2019

Barry’s Jubilee Weave Along – Warping the Skwoosh Scarf I’ve always loved the Skwoosh scarf that my co-author Stephanie Flynn Sokolov designed for our book Woven Scarves. I used her Read More »

Barry’s Jubilee Weave Along #1

August 11, 2019

Get Ready to Weave! Summer is for weaving—especially on these hot, hot days when it’s just too much to be out of doors. Come inside and join us for our Read More »

Spinner Profile: Felicia Lo

June 11, 2019

Many thanks to Interweave for sharing this sneak peek from Felicia Lo’s new book, Dyeing to Spin and Knit. We’re thrilled to share this discussion of how staple length affects color. Read More »

Boulder Fiber Fest 2019

June 11, 2019

The Boulder Public Library, BLDG 61, and Schacht Spindle Company have teamed up for a fabulous Fiber Fest on August 10, 2019. You’re warmly invited to this exciting day of Read More »

Announcing the 2019 Tools for Schools Grant Recipients

April 11, 2019

Schacht Spindle Company is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Tools for Schools Grant! The quality of the applicants was very impressive and we would like to thank Read More »

Schacht Holiday Gift Guide

November 12, 2018

The holidays are right around the corner, and it seems like time is speeding along. Have you left your wish list posted on the front of the fridge for your Read More »

The Mighty Wolf Appears on The Big Bang Theory

June 11, 2018

See the Mighty Wolf in episode 3 of The Big Bang Theory which aired in October of 2007.  Sheldon weaves a poncho on our Mighty Wolf—and wears it too.

Product Review: Flatiron Spinning Wheel

June 12, 2017

By Beth Smith I was one of the lucky few to have had an opportunity to see and try the Schacht Flatiron several times during its development. Honestly, even the Read More »

Weaver Profile: Yarnworker

June 11, 2017

Our friend, rigid heddle enthusiast, and former Schacht-ite has just had her second rigid heddle book, Handwoven Home, published by Interweave. We asked Liz to share her weaving history and Read More »

Handmaking, Weaving, Community: How One Thing Leads to Another

June 11, 2017

We asked fellow Coloradan Sarah Neubert to write about her making experiences and the importance of community. She also shares how her passions led to creating The Weaving Kind, an Read More »

Behind the Scenes at Schacht: The Harvest

June 11, 2017

Today brings the unofficial start to fall: the kids are back in school and the growing season is winding down. Each spring, Schacht employees have an opportunity to choose a Read More »

2017 Spinzilla Recap

June 11, 2017

Here at Schacht, Spinzilla brings us together and provides an opportunity to teach employees how to spin (this year 6 new spinners joined the ranks). Different departments: production, assembly, shipping, Read More »

Remembering Rick Reeves

February 26, 2017

  Born Estherville, Iowa, September 7, 1936 Departed Plainfield, Iowa, February 21, 2017 If you ever attended SOAR or a spinning conference, you more than likely met Rick Reeves demonstrating Read More »

Spinner Profile: Debbie Drake

August 12, 2016

Debbie Drake – The Call of the Fiber When I was a young woman, my grandmother taught me to tat and I became proficient and passionate about it over the Read More »

Weaver Profile: Julia Sull

August 12, 2016

Julia Sull – The Beginning is a Thrilling Place to Be!   I’m a beginner weaver, drawn to the loom by a love of textiles and an eagerness to always Read More »

Weaver Profile: Julia Weaver

July 12, 2016

Julia Weaver – Healing Trauma Through the Gift of Weaving I began to weave in the midst of a painful coming-of-age experience. Instinct led me to pick up yarn and Read More »

Spinner Profile: Olga Jamieson

June 12, 2016

Spinning on the Schacht Reeves in the Highlands of Scotland   I am of Russian nationality and met my husband in Scotland some five years ago. We live in Loch Read More »

Weaver Profile: Nancy Stein Nowak

June 12, 2016

Nancy was one of our grand prize winners for the Personal Stories Contest, and you can see her story in the Spring 2016 issue of Handwoven. We are sure you Read More »

Spinner Profile: Amanda Migoski

June 12, 2016

Fiber therapy My Ladybug spinning wheel didn’t save my life, but it did help save my sanity. In the fall of 2014, I was about to start my 23rd year Read More »

Weaver Profile: America Smith

June 12, 2016

“Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, arriba, abajo . . . “   When I took a job teaching English to 400 students whose first language was Spanish, I made a commitment Read More »

Weaver Profile: Pamela Harwood

June 12, 2016

Weaving Aboard a Boat   I began my textile journey as a knitter. My first project was a scarf for my husband. While I found knitting hats and sweaters to Read More »

Weaver Profile: Birgit Greer

June 12, 2016

It’s all my daughter’s fault! I began spinning many years ago when my daughter gave me a fleece from her Future Farmers of America summer project. The fiber was way Read More »

Weaver Profile: Pam Howard

June 12, 2016

Pam Howard – Resident Weaver and Keeper of Looms In 1967, my mother gave me my first loom, a rigid heddle. A home economics teacher who had learned to weave Read More »

Weaver Profile: Debbie Heilig

June 12, 2016

Debbie Heilig – The Cricket Loom – A “Gateway” Loom   After more than twenty-five years of being in business, ten years of attending college as an adult, and raising Read More »

Weaver/Spinner Profile: Dr. Bev Felten

March 15, 2016

Handspun, handwoven, dog-hair rugs support dog-related charity organizations Elements to enrich our lives are all around us, but we often fail to recognize them. It is that recognition that led Read More »

Weaver Profile: Ann Slind

March 13, 2016

From Saskatchewan, Canada, to the Culture and Crafts of West Africa “Little did I know that when I learned to weave, it would take me to Africa! I first tried Read More »

Spinner Profile: Allison Thistlewood

March 13, 2016

Spinning—It’s Better than Sex!   When I first got back into knitting, I ended up getting fanatically into it. My friend who owned my LYS said, “Now we’ll just have Read More »

Weaver Profile: Kyle Kunnecke

March 13, 2016

Kyle was one of our grand prize winners for the Personal Stories Contest, you can see his story in the Spring 2016 issue of Spin-Off. Kyle has released the free Read More »

Personal Stories Contest Winner Announcement

October 13, 2015

We want to thank you all so much for giving us the opportunity to consider your stories for our 2016 ad campaign. We had over 49 entries, and all of Read More »

Personal Stories Contest

September 14, 2015

Everyone has a story and we want to hear yours! Tell us what inspires you to spin or weave, what got you started and what keeps you going. We also Read More »

Connecting with Traditional Textile Makers

June 15, 2015

Today we want to highlight textile good works around the globe that you can help support through your purchase of hand-crafted products for your holiday gift giving. We’re including a Read More »

Spinner Interview: Beth Smith

June 14, 2015

Recently I had the pleasure to sit down with Beth Smith, the author of The Spinner’s Book of Fleece, and ask her a bunch of questions. Beth Smith is an Read More »

Take a Class with Jane!

June 12, 2015

Jane Patrick, our Creative Director, author, and teacher, will be found this summer at several conferences, as well as this fall at Mendocino Art Center. Summer conferences are not only Read More »

Simple Woven Garments

May 14, 2015

It’s here! The book we have all been waiting for, “Simple Woven Garments” by Jane Patrick and Sara Goldenberg is off the press! From a classic capelet to an ode Read More »

Deb Brandon Describes Spinzilla

November 15, 2014

Long Distance Relationship   Schacht and I have a long distance relationship. We see each other no more than two or three times a year, yet, our ties are still close, Read More »

Spinzilla 2014 Final Tally

November 15, 2014

Benjamin has spent the better part of a two days measuring the yarn, and fielding e-mails from our “off-site” spinners. We are finally ready to announce our final yardage for Read More »

Spinner/Weaver Profile: Melissa Ludden Hankens

November 15, 2014

  Greetings from Salem, Massachusetts, where Halloween is in full swing! I represented Team Schacht Spindle in Spinzilla 2014 out here on the East Coast, and I was thrilled to Read More »

Electronic Textiles Event

November 15, 2014

with Prof. Barbara Layne, Studio subTela, Concordia University, Montreal We break our normal posting style to announce a local event. We are excited to sponsor this event, as it expands Read More »

Spinzilla- Why We Spin

November 10, 2014

Top row left to right: Maria, Kou, Gail, James, Benjamin, Barry, Deb F., Denise, Stephanie, Betty, Beege, Judy, Cindy. Bottom row left to right: Brianna, Paul, Donna, Kate, Pam, Jane, Read More »

Spinner Profile: Laura Neel

November 7, 2014

  Why you are doing Spinzilla? I’m doing Spinzilla this year as a way to kick-start my spinning. It’s had to take a real back seat to my knitting and online activities in Read More »

Simple Guide for your Rigid Heddle Reeds

August 15, 2014

Let’s talk rigid heddle reeds! There are 5-, 8-, 10-, and 12- dent reeds available for the Cricket and Flip Looms, in addition to Variable Dent Reeds. 5 dent reed: Read More »

Spinzilla 2014

June 15, 2014

The second annual Spinzilla is right around the corner–one month from Saturday to be exact. Before we get into the fun and the fury of Spinzilla, its good to remember why Read More »

Handwoven Celebrates 35 Years

May 15, 2014

It hardly seems possible to many of us, but Handwoven is celebrating its 35th year of publication. When we received our office copies last week, we were all pleasantly surprised to Read More »

Jane Takes the Zoom Loom to Europe

June 16, 2013

Jane in Decin Jane in Prague Jane in Melkin  

A Guide to Schacht Spinning Wheels

June 15, 2013

by Denise Renee Grace This post is about how each wheel performs from Denise’s perspective. For a list of specifications and additional information, check out our website! With a personal account Read More »

Peruvian Textiles at the Avenir Museum

April 1, 2013

Here I am with Nilda Callañaupa Alvarez before her lecture. “Weaving Lives: Transforming Textile Traditions in the Peruvian Highlands” opened Thursday, February 21st at the Avenir Museum in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Read More »

Travel Report: Textiles in Iceland

October 16, 2012

A yarn-bombed tree outside the Asmundur Sveinssson Museum. Iceland is a place that’s near and dear to my heart. I love the land and the sea that surrounds it, its Read More »

Road Trip to Taos Wool Festival

June 16, 2012

We’re off to Taos to teach at the Wool Festival. Here’s my traveling companion, Sara Goldenberg White with all of our teaching stuff packed in my Prius. Taos here we Read More »

Schacht BBQ and Shuttle Race

August 1, 2011

Mercedes (assembly) with her winning entry in the design category. Waiting for the race.That’s Miguel on the right (production, he’s the one who turns all your bobbins!). Peter (production lead) Read More »

Schacht Wins the Business Innovation Award

July 1, 2011

  At TNNA, Schacht won The National Needlearts Association BIA award in the wholesale category for our Cricket Loom and Cricket Program. We are just thrilled to have our cute-as-a-bug Read More »

Schacht Loves Rigid Heddle Weaving

August 17, 2010

  Liz Gipson here for Jane who is off riding her bike in Quebec to celebrate the release of her new book, The Weaver’s Idea Book: Creative Cloth on the Read More »

Jane Receives the first copy of “A Weaver’s Idea Book”

July 14, 2010

Jane Patrick jumps for joy upon receiving her new book, “A Weaver’s Idea Book” OMG! So much excitement today here at Schacht Spindle when I received my advanced author copy Read More »

The Weaver’s School: A Good Place to Be

June 17, 2010

Madelyn van der Hoogt with her dog Huck, Suzie Liles (next to Madelyn) and the their Weaving II class, June 2010. I’m just back from a trip to the beautiful Read More »

Jane’s 10 Commandments for Happier Weaving

October 17, 2009

We’ve given our offices here at Schacht an uplift: new carpet and paint–and that of course, leads to general cleaning and organizing. It’s amazing what forgotten things you find in Read More »

On Craft

June 17, 2009

by Jane Patrick In the August/September 2009 issue of American Craft, Glenn Adamson, kicks off a new column entitled, “Considering”. In it, he discusses that in the current state of Read More »

To Be of Use-A Handweaver’s Reflection

June 17, 2009

by Jane Patrick I’m a do-er and it seems to me that most weavers and spinners–craftspeople–are do-ers, too. We take charge; we get things done. We are involved in the Read More »

Schacht 40th Anniversary

June 17, 2009

Our Production Manager, Cindy Lair and our Technical Manager Filip Sokol constructed this exact giant (8 foot tall) replica of Schacht’s first spindle. Thanks to Judy and Maggie of Shuttle, Read More »

Join the Cricket Club

June 17, 2009

Because of the tremendous interest in our Cricket loom, our very own Melissa has started a Cricket Club on Ravelry. This is the place to share your enthusiasm for rigid Read More »

Peter Collingwood: Weaver, Artist, Author, Textile Explorer

November 15, 2008

Peter Collingwood: 1922-2008 There are few who have contributed so much to our knowledge of handweaving. We have Peter Collingwood to thank for his inquisitive mind, his through explorations of Read More »

Convergence 2008: It’s about the People

July 17, 2008

People: the best part of being at Convergence in Tampa. I loved seeing old friends, meeting new people, and talking to Schacht dealers. Mostly, though, I relished the familiarity of Read More »

Oaxaca Travel Report

June 17, 2008

Here’s my long awaited Oaxaca report. I had wanted to make installments while there, but had difficulties in getting my pictures to upload. A Bit of Background The state of Read More »

Encouragement for the Weaver

June 15, 2008

You can use just about any pliable material to weave baskets. Here, I’ve folded strips of funny papers for a colorful low-cost, recycled-materials vessel. This basket appears in my book Read More »

The Tipping Point

June 9, 2008

by Jane Patrick My second weaving, woven at the home ec school in Iceland where I first saw a loom and knew weaving was something I must do. You could Read More »

Jane’s Map Basket Appears in Craft Magazine

January 17, 2008

In case you haven’t seen “Craft:” magazine, take a look at it your local newsstand. Published by O’Reilly, “Craft:” is a craft magazine with a twist. In it you’ll find Read More »

The Ladybug Design Team

July 17, 2007

You may have seen and heard about the Ladybug Spinning Wheel we’re working on. She’s getting quite the buzz out there, and we’re really excited about how the wheel is developing. Read More »

Midwest Weavers Conference 2007

June 17, 2007

by Jane Patrick As a Nebraska girl, it DID feel like I was returning to my roots when I traveled with colleague Betsy Blumenthal to Blair, Nebraska (just north of Read More »

Remembering Carol Strickler

June 17, 2007

Today I am preparing for the inkle weaving class I’ll be teaching at Midwest Weavers Conference in Omaha next week. I know spaces are still available, so if you’re a Read More »