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Feb 28

Fashion Trends 2014


Although we have been hearing about different fashion trends for 2014 for some time now, we thought it would be fun to share the forecast!

The great thing about being makers and crafters, is that we are able to look at current trends and immediately make something. Whereas fashion designers must design months, if not years ahead of the season, we can whip something up before the last day of fashion-week!

New York Fashion Week occurred a couple of weeks ago, and some distinctive trends immediately popped out:

  • Strong horizontal lines were everywhere. Many Fashionistas steer away from small horizontal lines, as they can create an illusion that some people might not like. The current trend is a few large lines, usually in varying sizes, spread out across the garment. Think of weaving stripes in by placing them in the warp and turning the fabric horizontally for wearing (only 1 shuttle required), or weaving the stripes in the weft using several shuttles.
  • Everything is bigger and bolder this season. This includes prints in mighty florals, blown up for a maximum impact.
  • Plaids and houndstooth are also oversized. You’ll find these in both wearables and home decor. Check out the current issue of Yearning to Weave, where Melissa shares ideas for the Variable Dent Reed in funky, bold plaids!
  • Another pattern that is making a modern comeback, is the polka dot, scaled up and used in large quantities! Think single ghiordes knots spotted across a fabric for fuzzy accents.

There’s more. Checking out the upcoming color forecasts can help you match your creative efforts for what’s in vogue. Pantone released their color forecast for 2014 late last year. Check out the color forecast at the Pantone website or look for interpretations of the upcoming forecasts by searching for images on the web. Then seek these colors out at your local yarn store to keep your projects trendy.

Remember: in weaving you can blend colors by crossing them in warp and weft. Take it a step further and blend dyed fleece for your own custom up-to-date handspun yarn.

Look for more projects in the weeks to come focusing on these trends.

If you have ideas of your own, please send them to [email protected]

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  1. jessy desouz
    April 2, 2014 at 11:35 am ·

    colorful scarfs ,these are the current fashion trend and also good in both summer and winter