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Explore Tapestry Week 4- Eccentric Weaving, Hatching, and Soumak
May 05

Explore Tapestry Week 4- Eccentric Weaving, Hatching, and Soumak

I couldn’t wait to start this week’s lesson, as I had so much fun weaving joins and shapes last week. I’m eager to delve into more tapestry techniques. I also have been realizing how much there is to learn about tapestry. It can be almost overwhelming. Have you felt that way? As I often say, step by step.

Eccentric, or distorted, wefts will feel a lot more loosey goosey than the straight lines we were weaving last week. In eccentric weaving, areas are built up randomly by weaving back and forth in an area. Lozenge like shapes can build on one another with no outline or outlined with plainweave or soumak, which provides a strong, raised outline. The hard part of all this freeform weaving is trying to keep your selvedges from wobbling too much, as well as the surface from bulging. In the first section I wove some big and small lozenges without outlining. In the next section, I wove shapes in a similar fashion and outlined them with soumak. I love the raised line soumak adds to the flat, woven surface.