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May 13

Luncheon Napkin Fabric


This project for luncheon napkins was inspired by a curtain fabric designed by Constance LaLena. It appeared in A Handwoven Treasury: The best projects, tips, and techniques from Handwoven magazine’s first ten years. As an editor of Handwoven during these years (and the editor of this collection), these curtains were always a favorite of mine.

On this 4-shaft weave, lace appears in every block. To weave alternating lace blocks, requires 8 shafts. I am currently adapting this project for 8 shafts, which I’ll share in a future blog post. Meanwhile, enjoy this project. It is really a fun one to weave.

Equipment: 4-shaft 15” table loom (you could also use a floor loom), 3 shuttles (I used two 11” boat shuttles and one stick shuttle for the dark blue weft).

Weave Structure: Canvas weave spots

Warp and Weft Yarn: 8/2 cotton in bleached white, light blue, and dark blue.

EPI: 20

Total Warp Ends: 295

Length: Allow 18” loom waste and 10% take-up. For 4 hemmed napkins you’ll need a 2 ½-yard warp.

Warp Color Order:

Draft: (See below)

Width in Reed: 14 ¾”

Weaving: Weave in a balanced weave to square the pattern. Follow the warp color order.