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May 24

Part 12: Zoom Loom Yarn Explorations

Yes, we have still more squares for you to look at (and drool over!).

Tahki Stacy Charles yarns, left to right: Diamante, color 12 Sapphire, 63% wool/32% nylon/5% polyester metallic; Tara Tweed, color 16 Cherry tweed, 80% wool/20% nylon; Gioiello, color 68 Fuchsia, 30% kid mohair/30% extrafine wool/20% polyamide.

Diamante weaves up into a nice firm fabric, perfect for outerwear.
Tara Tweed is scrumptious with little pops of color. It also weaves into a dense fabric.
Gioiello is a guilty little pleasure that is decadently spun. This yarn is a modern, a fresh lace weight.

Zara Chine, in Sand #800, 100% extrafine superwash merino wool and Cotton Classic, in Wheat #3253 and Linen White #3003, 100% cotton.

Zara Chine is soft and absolutely cozy. Perfect for close-to-the-skin accessories/garments
Cotton Classic is a sturdy yarn with a beautiful sheen. Great for a light Spring/Summer top.

Below is Emma Creation Shiny Fur in Silver. This is a super fuzzy yarn and would make all kinds of fun wild accessories.

Fiesta Yarns sent us a variety of their variegated yarns. From left clockwise: Linnette, 70% linen/30% pima cotton, color Cedar Crest #183; La Luz Multi, 100% Mulberry silk, color Cool Breeze #138; Ballet, 50% superfine alpaca/50% tencel, color Alaska; Baby Boom, 90% extrafine superwash merino/10% nylon, color Singapore #172.Linnette is a funky yarn full of texture. The colors pop into a pseudo-plaid when woven with the Zoom Loom.La Luz Multi has a sheen that this photo just can’t capture. The drape of La Luz is delicate and fit for royalty. Ballet is a sweet and soft yarn that is quick to weave. The tencel adds a hint of shimmer which compliments the alpaca beautifully.Baby Boom is a good utilitarian yarn that would be perfect for children to weave on the Zoom Loom. The colors are bold and would be fun to piece together in a quilt.

Frabjous Fibers Peace Silk (left) and (right) Reclaimed Cotton woven with Peace Silk. Both of these yarns have a thick and thin texture that works together wonderfully.

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  1. Jane Patrick
    June 3, 2013 at 10:29 pm ·

    Dear Leslie, the easy answer is that there is one sett, but as you'll see from all of the swatches, there is a lot of variation. We've combined heavy weight yarns with lightweight ones, as well as used fine wools which we heavily fulled to give us the desired hand. I hope you're having fun with your Zoom Loom.