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Black Apron Cord for Wolf & Standard Floor Looms

SKU: R-AL-OB700004


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Replaces the apron cord on older Wolf and Standard Floor Looms, with pairs of holes drilled through the warp/cloth/double back beams. Sold in a 14-yard length. For older Baby Wolf looms, order 1 length and cut in half before installing; for looms 36″ or wider, order 2 lengths.


  1. Tie a knot in one end of the cord, about 1/2″ from the end. Thread the opposite end through the single hole on one side of the beam. Pass the cord through the first hole under the end of the apron bar and back up through the next hole in the beam. The cord is now threaded back through the next hole and carried down and through the next hole in the beam. Continue in this way until the entire beam has been threaded. Tie another knot in the end of the cord after you have reached the opposite end of the beam.
  2. Adjust the cord until the apron bar is parallel to the beam. Adjustments are made by pulling the cord up and down, somewhat like adjusting a shoelace, until the loops that hold the apron bar are all the same length. It is important to have the apron bar parallel to the beam or problems with the tension are likely to arise during weaving. Once adjusted, the cord is quite secure and will remain in position.