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May 20

Summer Project Round Up – Kids Edition

June is right around the corner, and for many folks that means school is out, and the kids are home. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite projects that you can do with the young ones in your life!

Make a Jump Rope

In this project, we upcycled fabric strips and used the Incredible Rope Machine to make this custom jump rope. Any color, size, or thickness will do. The kids will love helping make the rope and will have a blast with the results in the great outdoors.

Make a Rope Mat, Macrame Wall Hanging, or Plant Hanger

Here are another set of projects made with the Incredible Rope Machine. Pick the level of difficulty and time commitment to suit your young crafter.


Pin Loom Weaving

For older kids, get them started on a Zoom Loom! The Hip to Be Squared Cowl by Lois Weaver is the perfect introductory project for our portable pin loom. Combining crochet, knitting, and weaving, there are plenty of learning opportunities here.

Make a Felted Bag

This project helps teach how to weave on a rigid heddle loomThis simple project feeds their instant gratification, all the while they’re learning something new. Take the felting portion outside on a hot day. The kids will love it!

Weave a Funky Wall Hanging

Chances are your kids have already seen one of these, and may want to make one! Snag a frame loom like the Lilli Loom or School Loom, and get them started on weaving this fringed wall hanging. This project is an ideal stash-buster, and can be made with some unconventional materials as well.

Fringed wall hanging

After a trim

What kind of projects do you like to make during the summer? Let us know over on Instagram or Facebook!