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Nov 21

The Holly and the Ivy Wreath–A Zoom Loom holiday project

Every now and again we have a project here at Schacht that many hands are involved in. This wreath project was one of those “whole village” efforts.

It all started with our summer intern, Chase Ford, weaving all of the Zoom Loom squares and making the florets. However, when it was time for his internship to be over, the wreath was not yet finished. The wreath then passed to me, Benjamin, where I wrapped the wreath form and placed the “leaves” while Jane worked on making miniature yarn balls. Finally, Judy (a pro wreath-maker) helped oversee the placement of the decorations.

This was truly a fun community effort, and we encourage you to make a wreath with your family or friends this season.

Schacht Zoom Loom
A 14″ wreath form
Sport weight wool yarn in 4 colors of green, and 1 color of red.
We used Brown Sheep Nature Spun in Spring Green (109S), Arctic Moss (N20), Limestone (144), Grecian Olive (104), and Red Fox (N46)
Floral pins
Straight pins.
Optional: Needle felting needle or fabric glue.

Mixed green ball in Grecian Olive, Limestone and Spring Green.

Start by first wrapping your wreath form in Spring Green, Limestone, and Grecian Olive. To make this easier, wind the three colors together on a ball winder into a small, palm-sized ball.

This process is an essential step for saving time.

To start the wrapping process, hold the tail of the yarn down and wrap a few wraps around the tail to keep it in place. Then continue around the form, covering it in its entirety. Pin the end of the yarn down to secure it.


The wrapped form looks more organic when using multiple colors together

Using this tutorial, make 14 florets each of Spring Green, Limestone, and Grecian Olive and 7 florets in Arctic Moss.

Using the floral pins, put one leg through the floret and then push the floret to the top of the two legs. It helped to do this step completely before moving on to the pinning step.

Start pinning with the Spring Green as your first pin, then the Limestone, and then the Grecian Olive. Alternating these three colors, pinning them around the form about 1.5″ – 2″ apart, changing the placement on the form for a lively effect.

After you place all of the dark to mid value greens, place the 7 Arctic Moss florets evenly around the form, nestling them into any space that looks slightly bare.

To make the balls, wind some yarn into a ball. Then, using a needle felting needle, tack the end down into the ball. Tack yarns around the ball as needed to hold them into place. This can also be done with a dab of fabric glue.

A multitude of red balls of yarn. Use multiple colors for a more yarn-y wreath.

Make 5 balls that are approximately ping-pong ball size, and then make about 20 more balls varying in marble size and smaller.

Using straight pins, pin these to the form in a visually pleasing manner.

Add a loop of yarn to the back of the form to hang.

Brown Sheep Nature Spun has been moth-proofed, and can be stored in a wreath container without further moth-proofing measures.

When you make a wreath of your own, share it with us on our social media!