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May 31

Three Easy Weaving Projects for the 20″ Flip Loom – Mountain Meadow Wools Collaboration

For this month’s yarn collaboration, we worked with Mountain Meadow Yarns. Their rustic, American grown and milled yarn paired perfectly with the Schacht Flip Loom. All three of the following projects can be made with the 20″ model of Flip. The rise of small looms continues, and you can create stunning woven pieces in very little time, with nothing more than plain weave and some stunning yarn. If you make any of these projects or other woven projects with Mountain Meadow Yarns, tag them on Instagram with the hashtag #MountainMeadowWeaves.

Houndstooth Pillow

Houndstooth Piullow

Equipment: 20″ Flip Loom with a 5-dent reed

Yarn: 2 skeins of Sheridan in Medium Grey (102 yards per skein) and 2 skeins of Sheridan in Geranium (102 yards per skein)

Other Notions: 16″ pillow form

Warp: 2 yards long, 18″ wide in reed

Warping: Using the direct, peg warping method, alternate colors in each slot while warping. That is, sley all of the Grey yarns first, threading a slot, skipping a slot and so on. After all of the Grey yarns are threaded, fill in the empty slots with Geranium. Wind the warp onto the back beam and then thread the adjacent holes. Your color order will be 2 Grey, 2 Geranium, repeat.

Weaving: Alternate 2 ends of Grey and 2 ends of Geranium, repeat, just as you did in the warp. Weave a balanced weave which means that you will see a square space (not a rectangle space or lack of space) between the intersection of the warp and weft threads. This will ensure that the houndstooth pattern will be balanced warp-wise and weft-wise.

Finishing: To secure the weft for washing, knot the warp yarns in groups of 4 on both ends of the weaving. Wash in hot water with soap, rinse  in cool water with a 1/2 cup of vinegar, and then rinse in clean water for 15 minute each. Put the fabric in the dryer with a few towels on medium heat for 15 minutes, checking frequently. Lay flat to dry.

To make the pillow: Wrap the fabric around the 16”x16” square pillow form. To measure, start with a knotted end and place it in the middle of the pillow. Then wrap the fabric all the way around the pillow form, past the knotted end and to the edge of the pillow form (like an envelope). Mark this end at the edge of the pillow and sew a couple of zigzag lines across at this point. (You can also serge this line.) Turn over the zigzag end and hand sew a 1/2″ hem. Lay the fabric flat with the right wide up (hem down) and fold it in an envelope with the knotted side first and the right side of the hem meeting the edge of the pillow. Single crochet or stitch up the sides and turn right side out.


Forest Wrap

green wrap


Equipment: 20″ Flip with a 5-dent reed.

Yarn: Laramie, 1 skein of Forest variegated and 1 skein- of Grass semi solid.

Warp: 130″ of Forest variegated, 20″ wide.

Warping: Using the direct peg warping method, sley some slots and leave others open in a random manner in this way: s2 o3 s1 o2 s2 o3 s1 o1 s1 o2 s2 o3 s1 o1 s1 o2 s2 o3 s2 o2 s1 o1 s1 o2 s2 o2 s1 o2 s2. Note: s= sley, o=open, as in s2= sley two slots, o3=leave 3 slots unthreaded, and so on.


This has been rotated to the warp is vertical and the weft is horizontal.

Weaving: Using Grass weave 8 picks of balanced weave, then leave one inch open or unwoven (you can use a thin cardboard as a spacer across the warp if you find that helpful, removing it after the next 8 picks are woven). Alternate in this manner for the entire length of the warp.

Finishing: Remove from the loom and secure the ends by tying the warp threads in groups of 4. Wash the fabric in the washing machine with detergent on warm with on a short cycle, checking often so as to not over full. Place the fabric in the dryer with a bath towel for 30 minutes on medium heat, checking the fabric every 5 minutes or so. Tighten any loose knots and cut off the excess warp near the knot.


Salmon Scarf

salmon scarf


Equipment: 20” Flip with an 8-dent reed

Yarn: Salem, 2 skeins of scarlet.

Warp: 103″ long, 18 1/2″ wide.

Warping: Using the direct peg warping method, thread the first 2 slots then thereafter skip every other slot in the reed with ending with 2 threaded slots on the other edge.

Weaving: Weave in loosely in plain weave at about 6 picks per inch.

salmon swatch

Finishing: Remove the fabric from the loom and secure the ends by tying groups of 4 warp threads. Wash the fabric on a warm, short cycle with detergent, checking the fabric often. Place the fabric in the dryer with a towel and dry on medium for about 30 minutes, checking often.