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Feb 12

Weaving to Woo Week – Mini Loom Heart Patch

The term “wearing your heart on your sleeve” shouldn’t be taken literally, however if you make this heart patch you really could wear a heart on your jacket or sweater. Show the person you love how much you love them and the environment by using leftover yarn!


Mini Loom Pile Patch

By Jane Patrick

Take the Mini Loom along with you and weave up this pile patch in time for Valentine’s Day. Learn a traditional rug technique, the ghiordes knot, for an overall textured patch. I’ve applied my patch to a pillow made from leftover handwoven fabric scrapes, but it could just as easily be sewn to a jean jacket or tote bag.

What you need: Mini Loom, 1 or 2 small shuttles, small hand beater, sewing needle weaving needle (optional), scissors, narrow stick (optional), cotton carpet warp in brown (shown on loom) or red (shown on project), worsted weight wool (we used Lamb’s Pride from Brown Sheep) in 2 shades of brown, deep purple,
deep red, bright red, and orange.

Warping: With carpet warp wind 22 warp threads in the center of the loom. After measuring, take up the slack so that the threads are tight on the loom. Tie off.


Step 1: Insert the stick, weaving over, under, over, under all the way across the warp. Slide to the top of the loom. This will help you weave one of the plain weave rows and will serve as a guide for the opposite row.

Step 2: Wind a shuttle with cotton carpet warp.

Step 3: Insert the shuttle about 1 ½” above the bottom of the loom.  Leave a tail about 3 times the
width of the warp. Weave 10 rows, packing the weft tightly with the beater.

Hint: I used the weaving needle to pick the opposite shed before inserting the shuttle. Remove the needle after weaving across.

Step 4: Hemstitch over 2 warps and 2 wefts. See illustration
for how to.

Step 5: Wind a shuttle with worsted wool (I used red).

Step 6: Weave two rows of plain weave.

Step 7: Cut 3 ½” long lengths of yarn for the ghiordes knots.

You will need: 41 light brown, 34 dark brown, 6 purple, 11 dark red, 17
bright red, and 23 orange.

Step 7: Make a row of ghiordes knots following the pattern guide.

Making ghiordes knots with cut ends.

Step 1: Place a length of yarn around two warp threads. The ends will be pointing to the left.

Step 2: Take the two ends and insert them between the two warp threads bringing them up to the surface of the weaving.

Step 3: Pull down firmly.


Step 8: Repeat steps 6-7 until pattern is woven.

Step 9: Finish as you began with 2 rows of plain weave in red worsted yarn and 10 rows of cotton carpet warp, ending with 2 over 2 hemstitching.

Step 10: Before removing your weaving from the loom, trim the pile with small sharp scissors to between ¼” and ½” long.

Step 11: Remove the weaving from the loom and trim the fringe to about 1” or desired length.

Weaving guide resource: This pillow was featured in Time to Weave as an alternate idea. Here, we’ve provided the details for making it. This book is out of print, but it can be downloaded in e-book format. Schacht also has a limited number of books available.

Pillow was constructed by Louise Bradley.